changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

herb alpert: the good kind of herb

late yesterday afternoon on my way home from the grocery store where i purchased the key ingredients for three types of tea breads whose toasty, seasonal warmth i have no business swaddling myself in, i think i accidentally fell in love with herb alpert & the tijuana brass’s christmas album aptly titled christmans album.

i dreamt of buying an organically-shaped sofa covered in nubby orange fabric and lounging about on it wearing frosted eye shadow, a can of aqua net, and a white polyester jumpsuit not so unlike the one worn by my farrah fawcett barbie doll in the 1970’s.

i think i might have made a mistake by immediately adding christmas album to my xmas list because i won’t get it until xmas day. or, worse yet, i won’t get it at all when i could have purchased it myself and been listening to it all month. something like herb alpert and the tijuana brass’s christmas album isn’t necessarily something you’ll like on any given day of any given year. it’s special. it requires a niche. a niche which can go just as quickly as it came. and i’m not talking about a one night stand here either.
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