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sat 10/29: halloween came early this year

he told me on the phone that he had a surprise for me. but he wasn’t sure if he should bring it over that saturday night because it might scare me. at this point, i’m not particularly friendly to that which threatens to scare me. but how do you say no to a surprise?

a couple of hours and some more napping later, brian knocked on my door. i braced myself and pulled it open to see him standing in the hallway wearing a trashy “candy-striper's” outfit with a pair of be-bowed thigh high stockings he had picked up on discount at the deep ellum condom sense. i quickly tried to shut the door, but it was too late. he pushed his way in and i groaned at seeing how much smaller his thighs are than mine.

i asked him if he was really going to wear that to the movie and he said he had planned to. i told him no one would be dressed up at the angelika and darren would be far from pleased considering his anti-penchant for those garbed in costume. brian reluctantly changed into street clothes and left his street-walking clothes for later.

we met darren and proceeded to finally see everything is illuminated where i got the same feeling that i had while watching midnight in the garden of good and evil. i had read the book first in both instances and noted the vast amounts that were left out of the movie. i wondered how anyone who had not read the book could possibly be following or enjoying the movie. EII was missing more than half of the story ... the most interesting half. the half i couldn’t wait to see how they would translate to the visual. it was gone. poof. as if it had never happened.

brian informed me the movie was fantastic. darren pretended he didn’t know what i was talking about when i said the movie was missing 400 years of the story.

darren’s belly was full of pei wei and rather unhappy about it, so he headed for home to relieve himself and promised to join us later if things went smoothly. i can only guess that they didn’t.

we went back to my place so brian could re-dress as a hooker. i decided to throw on the vintage nurse uniform to complete our halloween tag team of “medical professionals”. a nice touch since last year we were both “artists”. i think i’ve decided next year we should go as the transvestite and non-transvestite versions of frida kahlo. i haven’t yet determined who should go as which.

we eventually hooked up with dave and sarah and drove to a smart, little bungalow owned by tom and tom of north oak cliff. there was a fancy gigantic screen in the backyard playing horror movies, but we were too cold to watch... despite the boiled-bean-fart smell of the deviled egg platter which had made an appearance at the snack table and driven us to fresher air. considering we didn’t know many people and i am not a good mingler and brian no longer likes people, we didn’t do much but nibble party food, sip non-alcoholic drinks, and sit in the corner until it was time to go to lee harvey’s.

we drove by the passed out zombie laying half on the sidewalk and half in the street and parked the car. the chain link fence surrounding lee harvey’s held more people than we had ever seen in it at one time.

we participated in some more sitting. this time, in front of the dj and in front of the non-stop “sexy” dancing girl who left us nowhere to look. eventually, dave tried to entice brian with an extra beer. brian held out for five minutes before asking if he could have a beer. i became irritated that his anti-drinking solidarity was so easily swayed. he became irritated that i said his anti-drinking solidarity was so easily swayed and because i told dave to give him a beer. it turned ugly and, try as i might, i ended up crying like a big baby.

we made up and went back inside to sit next to john the cokehead who i’m pretty sure licked the sleeve of my jacket as i was trying to get the hell out of there.

despite brian’s super sexy outfit. we still have not had sex since.

this is the most “manly” of the costumed brian photos (and the least frightening). note the lovely “matching” sneakers. i’m pretty sure his ankles are half the size of mine.
Image hosted by

here he is hard at work at the computer updating patient information.
Image hosted by

this is nurse brian pouting at the party where we didn’t know many people. and were ridiculously sober.
Image hosted by

this year seems to have been a good year to dress as mormons-on-bikes. to the point, inexpensive, a traditional favorite. here is jon and lucinda’s rendition.
Image hosted by
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