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my weekend: the fair, the indians, the alarm, the symptoms

after battling morning sickness for three weeks, i had a reprieve last sunday and monday and dared to dream that it was, perhaps, over. then it came back in a steady stream. it was two days before realizing it was being caused by mucosal drainage. and about as quickly as i deciphered this, i was hit with a head and chest cold.

friday night, i managed to feel well enough to make it to the last weekend of the state fair with brian, dave, erin, and lucinda. i wasn't convinced the cold snap we were having would do much to improve my condition, but what can you do. my highlights included the bird show (despite the horrible music including "proud to be an american" as a non-bald eagle flew across the audience, landed on a column, and an american flag unfurled beneath it), the ferris wheel, and a candy apple (of a disappointing, chewy, cotton-candy-tasting quality). brian and dave rode the swinging dragon and brian and lucinda rode a ride that turned them every direction possible at impossible speeds and making him forget to go back to the Scientology tent for a free "stress test" and erin waited in line for an hour to purchase an elephant ear. it was madness.

saturday morning, i felt so decent that i allowed brian a "reprieve" from his abstinence. then i immediately felt worse. i still managed to drag myself from bed so we could walk to cafe brazil for brunch before getting ready for my friend colleen's wedding at white rock lake. i was one of four single ladies and brian was one of four single men. i'm not sure what that says. except that everyone our age has married themselves off. suckers. we sat with christie and sully as well as a girl (lisa) that we were in choir with during high school along with her husband and two children. we formed the pregnant- ladies-of-REL table and i received an overload of baby information. not too long and not too short, brian and i managed to make it to the end of the shindig and saw the couple off with packets of grass seeds and bubbles before we went to dinner at cosmic cafe and picked up a movie.

the movie: 1973's El Espiritu de la colmena (The Spirit of the Beehive) which i saw precisely 10 minutes of before reaching unconsciousness.

sunday morning, i felt so decent that i allowed brian a "reprieve" from his abstinence. then i immediately felt worse. i still managed to drag myself from bed so we could finally go see thumbsucker at the angelika, shop for a million and one pre-packaged meals at tajmahal imports (i felt less like a cracker this time, but probably only because i was paying less attention), and try to dine at madras. the buffet line was already closed, so we ran away to eat barbecued tofu at kalachandji's until i was about ready to puke.

i allowed brian to wash some of my clothes before he left and i fell asleep on the couch. i woke up at 1:30am to the sounds of my tv and a consistent car horn. on a lark, i decided to make sure it wasn't either of my cars before going to bed. i popped out the front door and realized it wasn't the camry. after popping out the back door, i began to fear it might be the ford. the closer i approached, the more panicked i became. holy fuck! it was the ford and i didn't have a clue how to turn it off. i ran back inside to grab the keys and back out again to pull up the cover and open the door. i beat on the horn a couple of times to see if it would shut off. it didn't. holy crap! i could smell burning! my car was going to set on fire!

then i realized it was the car next to mine. but still... holy crap! i could smell burning! the car next to mine was going to set on fire and set my car on fire!

at this point, only one other tenant had come outside and we both decided to call 911. after being forced by the operator into concretely distinguishing whether i was annoyed or worried about a car fire, she agreed to send out a fire truck. and an entire fire truck it was. lights flashing. fully crewed. how embarrassing. they tried, unsuccessfully, to jimmy open the door. i offered to run to the street side to find someone who could probably get the car open in no time flat. then the horn stopped. the hung around for a couple of minutes hoping the apartment's emergency maintenance service would call my cell phone back to tell us who the car belonged to, but no such luck. someone did finally call back after my second message saying everything was okay... but he seemed to lack a firm grasp of my native language.

it was 3:30 or 4:00 by the time i finally fell asleep. today will be fun.

this morning, after plastering abreva on my new mouth herpe (which i described as such preceded by "uh-uh" to the nurse at the ob/gyn's because i couldn't remember the term "cold sore") and as i was preparing ttyki's injection and coughing, i experienced my first pregnant-lady nosebleed. it was a fantastic, dripping gusher and i hadn't even been picking at it or anything.

god, it's grand.
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