changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

break in

great. some goddamned fucktard apparently thought i was stupid enough to leave a monitor in the backseat of my car and broke in to steal a fucking empty box.

so now i get to pay hundreds of dollars to have it replaced after i pay over $200 in tickets to cops who didn't like me coasting down a hill on a small, empty street while no cops were around to catch the SUV who ran brian into the curb making his car undriveable to the tune of $1400. oh yeah ... and while they weren't around to keep jackasses from breaking into my car to steal a fucking empty cardboard box. i suppose hauling in people who are actually causing problems doesn't fill their coffers like people doing 43 in a 30. at the bottom of a hill.

never mind i just finished paying $2200 for a car i don't drive, $400 for a sick cat, and who knows how much more tomorrow for a sick cat.

oh yeah... and there's a baby on the way.

okay. looking for the silver lining now so that i don't get so upset i accidentally shoot this baby out now.

1. it's not going to cost quite as much as i had thought ($139 so far) and even if it did, the fact that i canceled that piece of my insurance wouldn't have mattered anyway as far as the deductible goes.

2. now i'll feel less depressed about leaving my home. i will choose to ignore the irony of living here almost four years without incident only to have it happen three months before i leave. i am the queen of coincidence, after all.

3. now i'll feel less depressed about the likelihood that i'm selling the ford because that's one less vehicle i have to worry about getting ransacked by assholes whose faces i want to punch in.

there. i totally feel better.
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