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wed 8/31: skipping ahead because i'm so far behind... bike ride

there's a new bike club in town coordinated by a guy named donovan who is working on opening a bike shop in uptown. there's a ride every wednesday and sunday. brian went on his first ride without me. and got into trouble. so i went the next week. it was still the piping hot middle of summer here, but since the ride started at 7pm, it was tolerable.

we met at taco diner in the west village so some of the riders could start off with a drink or two (i don't really understand this part. seems like a bit of a safety violation to me.) dave was kind enough to bring along a couple of his vintage bikes for me and brian. the one i rode was fresh off ebay and the longer i rode, the clankier and wobblier it became until the front tire was rubbing against the fork. dave switched with me so that now i was riding his 70's-era banana-seat bike with tiny front wheel and trick option. i rode without the trick option engaged because otherwise the front and back tires could swivel independently. no thank you. after tooling around the turtle creek and highland park areas, we began closing in on our final destination: breadwinner's bar. a couple of blocks before arriving, my rear tire blew and dave switched with me again. a beer and some chips, salsa, and guacamole later, we were back on our way to taco diner.

still haven't gone on another ride yet.

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