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mon 8/8 - sat 8/13: movies and grandparents


once again, brian swung the other way.

yes to teaching. no to teaching. yes to teaching.

schools in the DISD were getting desperate with the school year only weeks away and slots still sitting empty. of course, the slots were empty for a reason.

brian went on an interview for a high school spanish teacher position dangerously close to fair park in a building that had, at one point in time that is not now, been quite lovely. he dodged the leaky ceiling and sat down with a large, african american woman who is the principal and who did not hesitate to make it clear that her students would likely have a slender, white man for lunch the first day out. she basically deflated his balloon, but likely for the best.

no to teaching.

feeling dejected and white and wearing shoes that make clicking noises when he walks, he showed up at my door and we watched a copy of chuck and buck instead of preparing lesson plans about la calabazza.


brian had been whining and begging.

he wanted to watch the original texas chainsaw massacre. as i had never seen it either, i gave him permission to get it from the video store. actually, i think this was the second attempt to watch the flick since during the first (the previous night), the tape had come off the reel. i met him over at his place for a quick walk beforehand and we then popped the dvd into the player. it was rather obvious that this was the new version even though brian had queried the blockbuster employee before renting. we drove back over to BB and were faced with explaining our situation to a consummate overgrown movie geek video store employee with greasy hair, pot belly, and thick glasses who would rather condescend to us that perhaps they had never, ever, ever put the original out on dvd than agree that this was the newer version in our hands.

i think we then maybe talked to another guy at the store who convinced us it was the original version and we wound up back at brian’s with the same thing again. but even after scanning a good deal through the movie, we were still seeing jessica beall. we switched to rushmore instead.


not a clue what happened the rest of that week, but i do know i ended up making one more trip to tyler. just for the afternoon to attend my grandparents’ 65th wedding anniversary soiree. a million people showed up at my parents’ house for hot dogs and hamburgers.

mom had gone to oregon at the last minute for a family reunion and my sister’s family was in florida. so dad was going it alone and doing quite a fine job of it. of course, his mother was none too sure and, after being unable to convince anyone to hold off for a week until my mother could be there to orchestrate, showed up unexpectedly at the hour of 10:30am while my father was napping in the backyard. i also found the two cans of industrial-sized bush’s vegetarian baked beans my father had purchased and then stashed when, after telling my grandmother the day before that he had already acquired the ingredients for baked beans, my grandmother phoned to say she had already made some baked beans that day and might as well bring them up. ladies and gentleman... my grandmother.

family came out of the woodwork: uncles bob and wayne, cousins rick and susan, rick’s daughter, susan’s three kids plus a son’s girlfriend, the pucketts, and rick and susan’s mother. it was more than it sounds. after thinking i was insane for thinking she was insane to go from just having met my grandfather to being secretly married three months later (they were too poor to afford a place together so they kept it a secret... yeah, i don't really undertand either), my grandmother sunk her hooks into wesley’s girlfriend. she started out by whispering loudly to susan across the living room:

gm: are they getting close?
susan: they’ve been dating awhile, so yeah... i guess they’re close.
gm: well... i don’t like that. they don’t need to be getting close.
susan: well... he’s 18. there’s not really anything i can do about it.

of course, susan told wes and girlfriend about the conversation after i walked through and poked susan in the ribs. when they tried to leave for the day, it happened again:

gm: you two should come up to my house now. (she had been busy plying people with chicken trying to get them to come over)
kids: [uncomfortable shuffling]
susan: no they cain’t. they’ve got plans this evening.
gm: you should come to my house instead. i’ve got chicken. [stares girlfriend up and down]
kids: [uncomfortable shuffling]
susan: naw... they’ve got a back to school party to go to.
gm: you don’t need to be going to any party. come over to my house.
susan: [girlfriend] is about to go and get her nails done.
gm: [stares girlfriend up and down like the painted-nail hussy she obviously thinks she is]

somewhere in there, i managed to catch both grandparents on the couch and told them to get ready to have their photo taken. my grandmother, in her usual loud and nagging tone, commanded my grandfather to hug her:

Image hosted by

we took a second, just to be sure. this time she hugged him:

Image hosted by

then, after showing them the previews: oh... i should’ve been sitting on the other side... i look bigger than him!

i jetted back home in time for date night saturday night. i think brian and i just went and drank ourselves into a stupor at lee harvey’s, but i can’t be certain.
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