changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i have a new love: ode to veggie chips

last night, after escaping from my home office prison, i ran straight to the condom store with trivial pursuit in hand.

before our usual outing to whole foods, we darted into the mexican bakery. we were long overdue for a trip inside after neglecting it since july. that place is amazing. it smells fantastic. the storekeeper hands you a round, aluminum tray and metal tongs and sends you to the glass cases filled with baked goods. one pineapple danish, one cherry danish, one sweet croissant, and a ginger pig for $1.80.

then we strolled to whole foods where $1.80 gets you a whole lot of not much. however, i inadvertently stumbled across a gigantic barrel of something visually spectacular: veggie chips.

no, these are not your veggie chips purchased in a cellophane bag looking like ruffles in pastel hues and having a texture reminiscent of styrofoam. these are thick slices of actual vegetables magically turned into chips. so they were pretty, but were they good? i took a gamble.

they were heaven! a perfect combination of salty and sweet. i swooned. i was instantly addicted. i was terrified of life when the veggie chips ran out. upon arriving home, i immediately photographed them,

Image hosted by

, flanked by a ginger pig.

this morning, i awoke and, noticing their sweet venom had exited my bloodstream, feared perhaps they had lost their luster.

but i was wrong. and to prove it, i created

Image hosted by
* veggie chips up close and personal *

Image hosted by
* veggie chips in the 40's *

Image hosted by
* veggie chips in the 70's *

Image hosted by
* veggie chips before putting on glasses *

Image hosted by
* veggie chips impressionistique *

Image hosted by
* veggie chips after the nuclear holocaust (aka: veggie chips in the 80's) *

Image hosted by
* veggie chips after i've eaten them: in heaven *

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