changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

mon 7/25 – fri 7/29: snotty kleenexes and the gym


when i picked up my phone to answer it, i found brian on the other end with an urgent tone to his voice.

i have a really big favor to ask of you...

ah! here it was... my moment in the sun. my dream to have someone depend on me for something, anything, had finally arrived.

what is it, i queried with tangible anticipation.

is there anyway you could come over and help me clean?

well now. that did not bode well. someone was coming to me for help with cleaning? i knew then that brian’s living quarters must have truly descended into a murky mire to have reached out a trembling hand to the likes of me, especially considering his status of household cleanliness rarely ranks high anyhow.

my help ended up ultimately amounting to a pile of used kleenex drenched in what used to be the moist amalgam that is allergy snot which i delicately extracted from his bedroom floor with the aid of my yellow rubber gloves and sorting out old receipts and making terribly useful piles.

as a reward, i was on the receiving end of some frolicking of the pony panty variety, a bowl of hot buttered noodles, and a viewing of nomi’s song.




texas experienced a freak "cool front". for some reason, i believed this would be accompanied by a crisp, sunny sky and decided we should take advantage.

i arrived at brian’s after work and we set out on foot to pedestriate his neighborhood in what turned out to be somewhat humid and overcast weather with a threat of sprinklage. our appetites eventually began to buck, much like a frolicker in pony panties, so we strolled on over to taj express for a melange of largely unidentifiable, yet wholesomely tasty buffet fare. and i saw the back of a woman so large serving up her plate that i actually thought: goodness. that’s a rather large man. the elderly couple in the corner apparently agreed considering the man couldn’t help but comment to an uncomfortable employee once the lady and her man had evacuated the premises.

after walking back to brian’s and spending several weeks without encountering a single, viable moment for “talking”, we sat down for a talk.

it didn’t last terribly long and some important, if disconcerting, if confuddling points were made. i was given literature and we watched some television. renewed love loves to give me literature. err... i need to find the literature. where the hell did it get off to?



that’s right. check it. twice in one week.


i finally made it out for a date night with darren. after missing not one, but two chances to attend a free screening, we finally went and paid to see me, you, and everyone we know.

darren rated it a so-so.
i rated it a “i’m going to buy this on dvd”.

it was delightfully quirky and absurd and a little boy talked about pooping back in forth between two assholes. tell me... how can you not love it?


awesome. i was about to get all confused about what happened after that until i realized i’ve already updated for that weekend. and now i've updated part of it twice. woo hoo. i will catch up on my own life via lj. if i stop updating everything twice.
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