changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

wooden spoon

i was jogging down the side of a four-lane highway in the late afternoon. just after passing a small kiosk which i assumed belonged to the Texas Department of Public Safety, i noticed two trash bags sitting on the small rise of dry, weather-beaten grass just to my right. one of the bags began to roll in the wind toward traffic, so i picked up my pace to stop it before it could cause an accident.

i dragged it back to the grass and felt compelled to open it up. sitting on top was a full, unruffled piece of computer paper with brian’s name and address typed out halfway down in a clean, arial font. my mind began to reel.

i recognized that this was the bag we had filled with discarded household items months ago. i lifted the piece of paper to see what it was we had thrown out. the first thing i noticed was the handle of a wooden spoon. it took me a second to remember it had been brian’s and not mine. i couldn’t imagine why we would have thrown it out until i remembered the wood in the bowl of the spoon had begun to split. i pulled it out and, sure enough, there was the crack. but, somehow, it seemed unfair that we labeled it as useless refuse simply because of a crack.

i was horribly nonplussed. i didn’t understand how this could be here and how it could have possibly blown out in front of me. i remembered brian and i depositing it in a dumpster miles away on a sunny afternoon. i was panicked by the coincidence of it and frightened that maybe it wasn’t a coincidence.

i quickly dragged the bag back over to the hut and knocked at the service window. the two ladies working inside didn’t seem to really understand just how odd this was. they kept on with their business, but allowed me to stay in the hut with them.

i got a hold of brian and asked him to come out there hoping he would see how bizarre this was. in the meantime, my sister showed up to wait with me and i set up a place for her to take a nap.

once brian arrived we walked out to the bags with him. he seemed intent on examining them, but i still wasn’t sure we were seeing eye to eye on the event. he began spilling all the contents out of the garbage bag. i tried to stop him once i noticed the swarm of ants spilling out as well and crawling up and over his shoulders. he was too wrapped up to give much heed and i began stepping backward to get away from them...
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