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changing lives since 2003

you, me, and jimmy dean. i mean... stewart

the continuous line of tornadoes spinning thickly in a tumultuous, blue sky was the most prolific of my recurrent tornado dream. but why stop there? as long as i’m on a roll, i might as well be visiting relatives in a trailer. at least it was set in a lovely forest and facing another of my recurrent dreams: the stormy beach with sometimes roiling water (also typically the site of my day-after-the-end-of-the-world recurrent dreams). there was even a miniature tornado which dissipated its two foot cone upon contact with my index finger.

i woke up back in my own bed in the still-dark hours of the morning, but the spinning hadn’t stopped. i sat up and grabbed on to the nearest thing: ttyki. i held on for dear life as the room spun before my eyes and then slowly came to a stop. over the hours, this happened a couple more times before i finally got up.

i felt mucosal-drainage-nauseous. i was worried. i logged onto the internet for sound medical device.

the word “benign” reduced my anxiety before words like “bacterial meningitis” raised it again.

i felt muddle-headed and was experiencing a “general malaise” so i laid my head down on the desk in front of me.

just when i had thought it was over, the room began spinning again so i held on to the edge and stared at the two remote controls until it stopped.

my queen of coincidence status had reared its head again. and this time, it was ugly and boatlike. last night, i had just happened to read a brief synopsis of vertigo just after watching the end of 12 monkeys, including the scene in an old theater with vertigo playing in the background. why must i tempt fate?

after canceling my plans with darren and spending a rather empty day of watching really bad movies on my non-cable tv including retrievers (the 90’s tv version), i eventually decided to brave the roadways and go to target, the condom store, and whole foods.

and after an evening of breathing in gas fumes and absorbing it through my skin in a last ditch attempt to revive the ford before management follows through on yet another attempt to tow before remembering i have a free tow coming from my renewed AAA membership (the belmont garage is exactly three miles (the maximum AAA-approved distance) from my ford), i’m positive that this episode of imbalance shall either be magically and irrevocably fixed or markedly worse.

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