changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the cleansing...

as i stepped in to my morning shower, i couldn’t help but notice that Lemon Soap was beginning to wither away. her frailty was made more apparent by her juxtaposition next to the glistening, young Cereology Soap.

i met Lemon Soap literally ages ago at the local crabtree & evelyn. i didn’t even have to go to her... she sought me out first and asked nothing of me in return, save for my eternal love. her words made me feel i needed her as much as she needed me. i couldn’t turn her away.

Lemon Soap became an instant treasure to me. i kept her on a pedestal hoping she could stay with me forever and always... unlike the others who i used up quickly so that they all had to leave me sooner or later. they were just there to sustain me and Lemon Soap. so many others...

Cereology Soap is young, fresh, and green. thankfully, considering Lemon Soap’s condition, she’s almost ripe for the picking.

not long ago, on my past birthday to be exact, i couldn’t help but notice Lemon Soaps apparent and fateful decay. as much as it pained me, i knew it wouldn’t be long before she would have to be replaced. life does not stop for the living. nor did Lemon Soap want me to spend my days alone after her final demise.

we made the decision to begin opening up Cereology Soap and priming her for her new role. her naivete wouldn’t last much longer. as time went on from that day, she quickly began to dwarf Lemon Soap as they sat side by side on their bench together.

this morning, i could avoid it no longer. i had to make preparations for what i know is soon to come. i opened up the old chamber, which had sat unused for quite some time.

all my old soaps were in there and my! were they a sight for sore eyes. i had forgotten how much i had loved each of them. there was Mint-Lavender with Poppy Seeds. and you too, Almond-Lavender. peering out shyly from the top of the stack was my last... Rosemary-Mint. the times we all had together. then, from the far reaches, i could see Red Rooster. the oldest. my first. and badly deteriorated. i nearly wept.

instead, i cradled Lemon Soap in my hands and held her face against my skin in one final embrace. i could feel her trying to struggle, but she was just too weak. tomorrow, she will retire to the crypt with my former lovers.

take care of Lemon Soap and be kind, my loves. she’ll need your help...

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