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sat 7/8 – thurs 7/14: tyler, tyler, tyler, no tyler, tyler – the jeromy edition. kittens.

saturday 7/8 marked the beginning of too many trips to tyler. everyone i know had decided to come into town, but they refused to do it on the same weekend.

jeromy met with me and christie at the local cheddar’s (tyler is woefully shy of having decent, independent restaurants). beer, salsa, mashed potatoes. palm trees and a rock fountain in a parking lot. good friends. it all worked out. plus i was able to work in a day in the pool on sunday and create small white triangles on my breasts to match a pair of white shorts on my ass.

i got back into dallas early enough to want to do something before the sun could set. brian came over and we decided we would walk to sol’s for mexican food. then we remembered we were in texas and it was july, so we got in my car and drove. on the way back, we visited the new location of the chile voodoo lounge.

i finally found an opportunity to ask brian if he had had some time to think about our situation. as it turned out, i didn’t yet feel like talking about it. a month of distance had created a disconnected feeling in me and removed any gusto with which i might feel like discussing relationship issues. instead, i verified a quick checklist of why he might have made a return. he assured me it wasn’t because he was pressured, guilty, lonely, or horny. that would do for the time being.

of course, little did i realize just how long it would be before we would have another chance to talk unabated.

the next time we would meet would be tues 7/12. our intentions to go to the gym quickly fizzled shortly followed by a bubble and pop of intentions to talk. dave was irritated we had canceled on the gym, so we agreed to meet him at the meridian room for a light dinner and drinks. then we ran into erin and her “friend?”. and then there were more drinks. no talking.

then came thursday. we actually did make it to the gym, but talking was again supplanted. this time by the prior commitment of driving to darren’s to feed four kittens and follow them around for 30 minutes with a syringe full of ringworm medication which would only ever make it into the tabby-aberration.

i had also performed this task alone the night before. at first, peeking in at four toddler kittens under the bed was adorable. but then... they started coming out one by one until you felt it was turning midnight and the gremlins were about to outnumber you.

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