changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

mon 6/20 - thur 6/23

monday morning i hit the road and began a long week of scripting in houston... arriving at 11:30 in the morning and still working a six-point-two-five hour day on software that, apparently, had never been fully tested until we got our mitts on it.

i believe it was early on during this week that i noticed i was no longer allowed to sing. and if the residual functioning of my brain stem didn’t cut my vocal chords off a note and a half into a song, the voice in my head would take over and call it off. i suppose my head believes that singing is an indication of happiness and my head didn’t want anyone to come to the conclusion that i was happy.

i admit that being able to concentrate fully on work ... at least when i wasn’t daydreaming on the toilet ... felt good. but tiring. and that evening, i spent an hour driving up and down access roads looking for a hotel that was at 3200 w sam houston pkwy S, not 3200 w sam houston pkwy N. but at least at this hotel, the staff didn’t use words like “aks” nor did they throw away my belongings or leave my door open without a word of apology or a whiff of customer service. i could forgive the delicate, young black man with clear fingernail polish who dressed in trousers and talked me through the streets to the hotel for having a moment of dyslexia and giving me the door key to a room already occupied.

i’ve found that my ability to sleep in a hotel likens to floating atop the thin skin of an ocean. i hover and roll just above a deep abyss of sleep, but can never quite break the surface. this began to wear on me more and more as the week trudged on and my guilt increased with each day it was me who suggested we leave after a 10 hour workday even though randy had shipped his wife off to vegas so he could potentially work 24-7.

i spent all day that wednesday 6/22 believing it was wednesday 6/23. mostly because i’m retarded and partly because of the visual layout of my day planner. it wasn’t until 3pm on thursday 6/23 when i asked why our results table wasn’t accruing any data for 6/24 and three tech geeks informed me it was 6/23 and i desperately uttered “the 23rd? the 23rd? the 23rd? how can that be?”, that i realized my calendrical snafu and garnered strange looks and giggles from three tech geeks.

so the phone call i had received from brian on “wednesday 6/23” letting me know he had quit the alternative teaching certification program was really on wednesday 6/22. so i was a little distraught (a little, not a lot) that i had made plans to have a couple of beers with ex-tommy on thursday 6/23. i suppose it was better than watching tv alone in a hotel room and we actually had a nice night sitting on the deck of little woodrow’s while mosquitoes ate me alive and one of my many many old ant bites gushed blood on my calf.

and it was on wednesday 6/22 that i received the following email from my older sister:
Sorry it's taken me a week to reply. I haven't felt well for the past week and a half. Which brings me to this info for you...I'm pregnant. 8|

*that last little bit... 8| ... was my attempt at recreating the hotmail emoticon for “holy shit”

and it was on thursday 6/23 at the end of the day that randy informed me they were interested in hiring me on as a salaried employee instead of replacing the girl who replaced me to do programming. i became determined to squeeze in as many contract-rate hours as possible before it became official.
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