changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

wed 6/15 - mon 6/20

lordy. i'm far behind. thank you to everyone who has shown concern and been worried that i might have traipsed off the edge of the earth. i apologize for not having responded better and sooner.

rather than take another month to catch all the way up, i'll just post this boring bit that's been sitting on my hard drive for a week:

where have i been?

i’ve been here and there and back again. a couple of times. emotionally, psychologically, physically.

it’s taken a toll on my pussies. especially oskar. as soon as i took mental note that oskar never sits on my desk (or on my desk chair as ttyki enjoys doing), he began chronically using my limited desk space as napping grounds... regardless of whether or not i am working there. i received an email one evening this week from remote co-worker randy who seemed alarmed by the beeps my remote computer was continually issuing. he was going to reboot and troubleshoot. i had to reply and inform him it was likely the simple issue of cat on keyboard.

my last post outlined the trip to nyc. as soon as i returned, i attempted to begin my emotionally shaky friendship with brian. trips to the gym were waylaid
and substituted with conversations on the phone, including a call friday night from the sex shop attempting to confirm his non-hallucinatory status after witnessing a tiny baby raccoon make its way back and forth across the floor. i dropped by briefly saturday with a flashlight to make sure the baby had left the back closet.

a lonely weekend ensued and we finally made it to the gym sunday afternoon... which went along fine and dandy enough until we ended up sitting in ants on the edge of the parking lot while i sobbed openly in public.

i went home to recoup and prepare for yet another houston departure by doing laundry, eating dinner, and trying to sleep through dusk. my mother made the mistake of calling so i could wish my father happy father’s day and a few accidental sobs escaped when she finally asked how i’ve been.

then dusk began encroaching and my usual end-of-the-day panic, which has been mostly soothed the last year, hit me in the face. i sucked back tears, threw on some clothes and decided i should go gas up my car. then the sobbing became uncontrollable and i wound up on brian’s doorstep crying away because he didn’t want me to see the mess inside. which i eventually did anyway.

monday morning i hit the road and began a long week of scripting in houston...
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