changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

nyc. june 2005.

thurs 6/9
-up early to leave by 9:15am.
-the monster takes darren and me to the airport for our separate flights.
-land at o’hare and travel the long, dim hallway between concourses with orchestrated neon lights above the moving sidewalks and asian-like chime-like music. wish that brian was there so we could sit next to the wall and watch.
-layover extended and extended and extended. sit in the terminal. sit on the tarmac. everyone sits down on the plane in under four minutes to avoid another extension.
-meet darren and his headache at la guardia and wait forever for my luggage which had already arrived and been pulled from the carousel.
-arrive at amy and brian’s around midnight.

fri 6/10
-play with bo and his tractors while the family eats breakfast.
-chat for a few minutes before she leaves for work.
-i tell amy the fabric of my life has come undone at the seams.
-amy tells me my mother is looking for an apartment to move into.
-feel so emotionally and psychologically drained that it barely registers a blip.
-feel guilty for not being able to feel more devastation.
-feel guilty for not remembering to feel guilty throughout the trip.
-begin thinking my life is becoming “funny”.
-find out quickly just how hot and physically industrious this trip is going to be.
-go to teany’s for air conditioning and liquids and tooth-demolishing crusty bread with tooth-soothing spreads.
-make the block to find moo shoes. see teany’s around the corner.
-make a couple more blocks to find mcnally robinson (bookstore owned by a friend of amy’s that sells store maps of soho). see teany’s in the store annex.
-look for vintage stores which exist in another dimension.
-become repelled back out the door by the crowds at an h&m.
-stop in at pearl river.
-look for lush. don’t find it.
-return to amy’s to scrub arm pits with wash cloths. change into less salty shirt.
-watch part of a bug’s life while waiting for the baby sitter.
-take amy and brian out to dinner at a neighborhood italian restaurant. drink wine, talk about futility and anal sex, and forget to eat my food.

sat 6/11
-get up in time to see amy, brian, and bo off to the beach.
-decide to take a more air conditioned tour of nyc by visiting the new moma and it’s endless staircases and escalators and canvases painted a solid color.
-decide to become a modern artist cranking out simplistic pieces with complicated manifestos and wait for the multi-thousand-dollar purchase offers to roll in.
-administer ourselves a quiz in the sculpture garden. give ourselves A’s by smartly ignoring works with which we are unfamiliar.
-realize we could’ve gone to the nasher in dallas and the modern in ft worth and seen many similar pieces.
-walk through urine fumes alongside central park.
-watch darren eat a pretzel in central park.
- sit on fountain steps while darren goes back to find his umbrella in central park.
-eat vegetarian dim sum and egg rolls at go go dim sum in chinatown.
-return to amy’s to scrub arm pits with wash cloths. change into less salty shirt and skirt. watch part of shrek before leaving for studio 54 and a production of a streetcar named desire with cartoon-like john c. reilly.
-halfway there, darren realizes we are late.
-climb a precariously steep set of stairs in the dark to empty seats in the rafters.
-take a bathroom break at intermission and slam down a vodka & 7 before finding our ticketed seats.
-decide to go for drinks at mustang sally’s near amy’s. walk up to the sign to realize it says mustang harry’s. wonder how i’ve been misreading it all this time. decide mustang harry’s looks too restaurant-like and step into neighboring 7 instead.
-talk about futility.
-after drinking two weiz bier and realizing my head has become as cloudy as a weiz bier, darren and i stumble away and leave my umbrella on the bar of 7 and immediately rechristen the establishment mustang sally’s.
-out on the sidewalk, look up and see mustang sally’s a block down.

sun 6/12
-walk to antique cafe and try my best to drive darren nuts by taking the longest time possible to consume half a raisin scone which kept magically expanding on my plate. drink a strong iced latte which i would live to regret.
-cross the street to browse a flea market.
-fail to find other flea markets.
-take subway to soho.
-fail to find other flea markets.
-finally find a starbucks to wait in the bathroom line for 20 minutes while regretting my strong iced latte.
-go to h&m.
-cross the street and go to h&m.
-return to amy’s.
-skip scrubbing my arm pits.
-nibble on spinach hummus.
-change into pajama pants and eat spicy indian take out while watching shrek.
-go with darren for a very tall beer at mustang sallys.
-avoid discussing futility.
-listen to darren’s futility.
-find ourselves disappointed with mustang sallys.

mon 6/13
-collect umbrella from 7.
-take train to union square for lunch at angelica’s kitchen.
-become unsure of cross streets and settle on lunch at an unimpressive falafel/pizza/pita joint.
-see darren off.
-take train by myself to try to find a different size at the even more hectic h&m on 5th avenue.
-manage to take all the right trains.
-eat a delivered smoked tofu dog with carrots, hummus, and black olives while watching potty training videos. and possibly shrek.

tues 6/14
-play trains with amy and bo.
-fly from LGA to o’hare.
-read read read
-fly from o’hare to dfw.
-meet darren.
-face reality.
-ignore reality.

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