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as i sat conversing with darren in the meridian room last night, i looked to across our table and to the bar. i had been seeing for some time the man with shaved head, camo t-shirt, and camo shorts staring at us. so i finally met his gaze and held it a good five seconds before saying “why are you staring at us?” and then turning back to darren. darren somehow missed this exchange and chose this moment to begin motioning to me to come closer with his finger so he could ask me to read said man’s t-shirt. i tried to convey to darren i would do no such thing and, of course, the man was still staring at us.

what a rude fucker.

but it was one of those nights where i began wondering if my hair was on fire considering the guy sitting at the end of the table next to us with his back facing us kept turning around and staring as well. and he was only three feet away. in addition, darren claimed someone else at the bar was turning around and staring. if darren knew what the hell everyone was staring at and didn’t tell me to fix it, i’m going to kick his ass. because i know i was not looking that good last night.

the bar tv was once again showing an 80’s B flick with masked wrestlers and midgets and this spawned an idea in my little head. our next slumber party needs to be B-movie themed. i would like to get my hands on a copy of some random 70’s movie darren and i accidentally watched about a plan to kidnap a rich chick off a disabled bus and make a getaway in dune buggies. it was fucking brilliant. and darren would like to show the movie he accidentally watched the other day with prostitutes and interrogations and vagina drills. should we be unable to locate copies of these fine films, we can always make sure dave brings his copy of mausoleum. we’ve decided this should happen over the long weekend that is darren’s bday/fourth of july... somewhere between riding around town in a pink limo and watching fireworks.

earlier last night, we had hit chuy’s where i dined on a tiny saucer of beans and a frozen margarita. we managed to get a little loopy and popped into a convenience store to load up on gum, atomic fireballs, and laffy taffy before going to the MAC to see hazard county. i liked hazard county, particularly because they played clips of the dukes of hazard on multiple tv’s while doing set changes. it also featured short vignettes with an actor discoursing on the dukes of hazard. and two adults played the parts of children. rather well, i might add.

ouch. that camel toe looks like it would really hurt.
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