changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


during one of my snooze periods this morning, i dreamt of an lj reunion. most of the details of who showed have faded, but i do still remember the 6 foot 3, pensive grashupfer and the short, blondish, somewhat high strung morganology.

our first meeting was around a table with an umbrella on a restaurant patio. little dream morganology came around to give me a hug. so little was she, in fact, that the top of her head just grazed the underside of my breasts. how dear! but, apparently she was wearing so much makeup that it left a smudged representation of her face on my white wife beater. (think marge simpson after makeup application by homer's makeup shotgun... of which i recently saw a still.) we were so entertained we all decided to set off to find a way to preserve and frame her portrait.

there was a shopping expedition at a Sportster-type store where morganology wanted to purchase some roller blades in order to rollerblade her way to fitness.

i think we might have all converged on my parents' fake house one evening for beers. that's when i realized just how damned tall grashupfer is. i guessed his height on my first try. i believe he was busy leaning on the bar and pining away for O.

details get fuzzier from there, but i do know my friend Afghan Barbie made it in for our faux prom. though, as usual, i nearly had to drag her by the hair to get her to come out. and, as usual again, she skimped on some of our activities citing needed family-time as the reason.
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