changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

NYC debaucle: the conclusion

it's 11:37am but looking out my window, it's as dark as 8:00pm. deep ellum is getting hit with the rain this time and it looks like it's about to get nasty.

after a stressful late afternoon yesterday of emailing back and forth with karen and immediately developing a mild face herpe, a conclusion was reached as i was driving brian to mai's for a quick dinner before his shift at the sex store began.

apple tours is getting off scott free even though they sent out a letter outlining restrictions with absolutely no mention of select destinations. instead, karen's company is giving me one of their flight vouchers. as a result, i'll be leaving a day earlier so darren and i now have five glorious nights in the big city. better yet... the $50-70 i thought i would have to pay to cover the deficiencies for my initial voucher have become $0. i pay nothing. which might make me feel less guilty when i inevitably make my way to moo shoes to buy a slightly overpriced bag made out of car seat vinyl.

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