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summer has officially made its appearance in dallas. today, as i clicked my car into reverse on a blacktop parking lot and waited for the automatic backward motion, i thought, for just an instant, that perhaps my tires had melted to the pavement. maybe it hasn’t gotten quite that hot, yet, but we are sitting at 94 degrees right now and looking to hit 97 degrees sunday.

over the course of the winter and spring, i always forget just how hot hot is. and then it all comes back to me in a rush of heavy, humid, stifling heat that feels like an oven-bourn wind blowing across my face.

yesterday, one of my small daily trips was to visit the reverchon park center where children play by day and minorities vend at night. the two men manning the voting booths seemed pleased to see some voter traffic and i was back out the door in less than two minutes. my judiciary-based good intentions had been previously thwarted saturday before last by my meager ability to remember most things. ergo, i did not make it to the initial polls to elect the district two council member. but fate was on my side for once and called for a run off election. i have my fingers crossed that my candidate of choice, monica barros greene, will triumph as a deep ellum business owner, resident, and possibly dallas’ first trans-gendered female council member.

tuesday night, i took advantage of brian’s work schedule to go in and see my girl, melody. as usual, i presented her with vague instructions and she somehow managed to translate them into a haircut (which i have secretly named "the modern florence henderson"). even though i’ve been going to melody for about five years, she’s only just now turned 25. since she somehow missed having any kind of a proper birthday celebration, i took her out for beers at jango’s, one of arlington’s few offerings in the way of entertainment (the entertainment being drinking).

sunday night, darren and i took a free ride on mara&donnie’s chamber orchestra ticket. part I good. part II drove us to tears. sometimes theories just don’t translate well into practice. but the frightening example of long, bleached hair, a bright green outfit, and far too much makeup sitting behind us provided us with some temporary comic relief.
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