changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i wish i would just hurry up and go completely out of my mind already

i have an itch to write something, but i keep finding myself wholly uninspired. i frequently resort to writing once i’ve done everything of a pressing nature and am finding myself fending off all the projects that should be done, but don’t need to be done. and let me tell you, there are a lot of them.

i’ve always existed by skating by on what was absolutely necessary. i’m the consummate procrastinator. i would start school projects by working backwards from the deadline. i absolutely could not start a project early. and, of course, i still can’t make much headway with work when not given a deadline.

i waste an inordinate number of hours every day waiting. for what, i’m not sure. something preferable to doing what needs to be done will surely come along. and so i sit at the end of each day and wonder where it all went and why i can’t seem to accomplish anything. anything except treading on a pool of angst and anxiety that there are things which i should be doing.

eek! ack! blech! fuck this! this is a horrible post. somebody somewhere: ask me a question quick so i’ll stop this thing! and make it easy. i only like taking tests that i know the answers to. or, conversely, feel free to write a post of your own to give me a little something to read. thanks for complying.

ps: today, on my way home, i decided to take inwood road instead of the highways and pulled into a random starbucks. i needed a treat to make me feel better about being a lump that can’t find clothing that fits decently. the parking spot i pulled into had the following sign attached to a chain link fence:


pps: i've been spelling consummate wrong all this time!
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