changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

gay bar aftermath: back to houston

sunday afternoon arrived all too quickly.

brian and i had left the gay club a little early, but didn't find sleep until 3:30am. he woke me up later and my attempts to fall back to sleep were foiled. my apartment window opens up on the early morning sun and i was up with it, chattering away after only a couple hours of sleep ...much to brian's dismay and protests.

we finally threw in the towel and went to run errands instead. we filled our tired bellies with ma po tofu on the shady patio of pf chang's and watched a gaggle of energtic birds zip to and fro picking up stray bits of food left by diners.

at target, i made my very first condom purchase. that's right... 32 years of age... first condom purchase. and i went all out: lifestyle's 36 pack. the cashier must have accidentally rung it up at a cheaper price. probably because she was unnerved by my purchase. i could see what she thinking. i should've picked up some laxatives, anti-diarrheals, a yeast infection treatment, face wax, and a tongue scraper while i was at it. but that's what online pharmacies are for. and besides, we had to get going so brian would stop threatening to poo in my car.

we got back home in time for me to start some laundry and take a quick nap and break one of my records before i had to hit the road and sit in construction slow down after construction slow down... adding at least an hour on to my drive. i arrived around 11:00pm to find the saturday cleaning crew at the Extended Stay America was kind enough to throw away my $10 in groceries and my travel case of soap. thank goodness i had the foreboding feeling i should take everything else with me. and it was so sweet of the manager to not call me back all week long or at least supply me with more coffee that doesn't require me to purchase it from their vending machine. what a racket.

i miss my wheat naan.

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