changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

dream baby and the gay man

amos came out on to the deck and began spraying away debris in earnest with a water hose as i watched from the shade of a tree in the yard.

"i'm gay, you know." he said while exhibiting some nervous hesitation.

"really? i never thought you seemed like someone who's gay, but good for you." i replied.

he seemed relieved with my apparent lack of shock and bantered on a bit more before i revealed my own news.

i hadn't seen amos in some time. maybe two years. he hadn't yet noticed how i had changed and my clothing helped keep it hidden from sight. i lifted my shirt to display the gentle curve of belly as it swelled modestly outward.

"i'm pregnant."

i noted how i no longer seemed to have the same urge as the last time.

i reminisced on how i had sat down with brian not so long before. the baby was only the size of a human brain. it was curled up tightly until it also resembled the shape of a brain. the first slice with the knife was through the rounded tip of the buttocks. i was surprised that the texture was firm and similar to that of flesh left to stew in a vat of formaldehyde. i wasn't so surprised that i stopped the task at hand.
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