changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

sun 3/20: farewell and go to hell sxsw.

the first time i woke up, it was 2:40am and darren was knocking gently on the door. the second time came after a lot of tossing and turning.

we didn't have any big plans. but they were definitive.

i took them to spiderhouse where i was quickly reminded that they are actually an all-vegetarian coffee house. god how i wish dallas had as many options as austin.

spiderhouse is an old house with a covered porch and a large outdoor area with old metal tables and chairs. the neighbors dogs watched us from a second story deck and barked when appropriate. birds lingered in the large tree and waited for crumbs to be left behind whether the customer was finished with them or not. a small girl danced back and forth from her table as she slowly began to realize two birds were making some progress on her family's breakfast. her french father returned, none the wiser that his food might carry the avian flu to his lips. he warned his family to be careful or "that baird might sheet on your haid</i>".

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

citywide garage sale
for some reason, my mental image of this periodic event was always outdoors. it's a shame it wasn't since the weather was absolutely gorgeous. it wasn't nearly as grand as i'd hope, though i did walk by without gathering up several un-needed items. one rather manic woman was insistent she could make me a deal on a battered barbie jetliner. i tried to explain i just wanted to look because i used to play with one when i was little and we had just been reminiscing about it the day before. she knocked the price down to $15. i suppose she was angry i had touched and not bought as she could barely wait until we had sauntered on our way before folding it up and moving it to the floor. crazy bitch.

veggie heaven
table for three?
you take them back there
follow me
back there?

we were led down the narrow hall which we had only previously taken to find the restrooms. lo and behold, there was a door we had never noticed. the busboy opened it on to a new dining area with the smallest of windows and a mind-numbing array of hodge podge on the walls. we listened to the diuretic tinkling of a large wishing-well fountain in the corner that emptied next to a statue of a fire hydrant. the waitress gave us each a free key chain with their logo and the internet address for their cult.

the drive back was sunday-like indeed with stop and go traffic the first three hours (mind you... the trip normally takes only three hours). during the final hour to dallas, we invented a Newlywed Game-esque game where we were tested on my knowledge of darren, darren's knowledge of me, and brian's knowledge of me. the long ride and wrong answers made tensions swell to a peak just as we were pulling into town.

i dropped darren off and he promptly stole my new vintage slip.
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