changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i don't know what his name was, but it wasn't Gym.

as a purported act of a disconsolate man, my father had spontaneously decided to fill in the swimming pool at our previous residence and replace it with a stone-edged, organically shaped pool placed in direct adjunct to the house so that it cast the sun's reflection into the dining room window.

i knew something was amiss. i quickly stumbled across correspondence which mined the source of his manic activity for me. as usual, i turned to my sister for clarity in family affairs.

what i had surmised was true. our mother had already begun a new life in new york. she had met the man during business and, i suppose, he had filled a void which had been empty within her for too long. she was gone. but she had somehow managed to keep up the charade of family life for my benefit.

i was astounded to learn from my sister that this had been going on for six months. i was the only one who didn't know. i spoke with my mother on the phone and could hear the long distance happiness in her voice trickling out in unison with the sunshiny and bubbly mewings of an infant. now that i knew, she could complete her transition.

triangles of my fractured grief lay strewn about. a piece went to my father while the rest were assigned to the members of my internal conflict. i had been the last to know. and now, insult upon injury, the man who my mother had left us for was mexican with a short, but definitive mullet extending from the rear baseline of his billowy hair.

a phone call from veronica at Right Staff put the final nail in the coffin of my distracted slumber. all that was wrong with the world was right again. my new daddy was not a coif-challenged man from beaner-town NYC.

i tested my legs and arms to see if they had stiffened up properly yet. not too bad, really. last night, before slumber, i had spent my first session at the 24 hour fitness center with dave and NJ. i side-stepped the post-workout work over by the salespeople, but know it's waiting for me before i can gain access to my second visit on a free 10-day pass. i plunged myself head first into the gym-retardation one must suffer on the first visit. i tried to alleviate it by degrees by attempting to elicit advice from members with ipod-stuffed ears or by looking disinterested enough to linger with my gaze trained upon the silly instructional placards glued to the equipment featuring line drawings of a woman with poofy hair and wearing a french-cut leotard while placing her scantily-clad sex bits directly on the vinyl padding of the seat.
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