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fri 3/18: austin, sxsw, and the familiar stranger

after a quick night out at the meridian room with NJ, dave, and darren, i felt i could say i celebrated st patrick's day and get to bed at a semi-decent hour.

i needed to get up early friday morning to pack. i was going to austin and a sxsw miracle had occurred: both my boyfriend and my girlfriend had agreed to come along. while tooling down I-30, darren and i beheld a lovely sight. it made us rethink our perceptions of life. not really, but we took a picture anyway:

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after commenting on how i hate driving behind vehicles appearing to be on the verge of losing part of their load, i ran over pieces of a front fender which came flying off a car in tow. after that, i avoided driving behind the pickup toting unsecured firewood and a large metal box.

we rolled into austin and stopped off at cheapo discs before checking into our glorious double room at the Suburban Lodge. with nothing but total resolve, i pulled back the covers on my bed to see what horrors surely awaited me. aside from the manageable and seemingly informidable spots and stains, most notable was the super-lengthy pubic hair under the pillow which darren blew away with mighty gusts of air.

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we recouped and then headed over to sixth street to meet denverbettie and some of her fellow roller girls at club deville. i think all of us were delighted to learn the beer was literally flowing free. as a result, even darren pretended to enjoy a good brew he was holding for someone else. as he's not used to drinking beer, the fumes went straight to his head at which point he allowed himself to be fondled. by a boy, no less.

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in order to make the night impossibly difficult for the frequently absent vishvakarman, we moved a step ahead by going down the road to the flamingo cantina before our little group broke away for dinner at mother's cafe. oh mother's: how i love thee and thine portabella sandwiches and mushroom stroganoff.

we were feeling reinforced by vittles and ready to make a go of the beer again. DB directed us to what we thought was the wrong side of town before locating the house swathed in automobiles and party-go'ers. we managed to attend the shindig for all of 30 seconds before NJ and i realized the people we were trying to bypass to reach DB formed the keg line and we were unceremoniously nudged into the shrubbery. well now. this didn't make us feel all too welcome and frankly, it was so positively crowded and noisy that we decided to abscond. we phoned DB and she talked us back down and across the street to Club El Calentano for drinks with the local beaners.

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a frisk later, we were inside and consuming tecates and modelos all around while mariachi music swirled past our eardrums. our new friend gilbert tried to buy us all drinks and NJ later explained to me he was in want to get in good with one of the white ladies. i just thought he was horribly lonely and in good with the bartender.

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*none of those people are gilbert

once we all decided it was time to retire for the night, a cab mysteriously showed up to escort DB and kristen back home. i mean ... back down to sixth street for more drinks.

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