changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

NYC and the michelin man

in less than four hours, i'll be on a plane to NYC.

i can't decide if i should be more fearful of the plane ride or the fact that the temperature will not be out of the 30's as snow flurries about my head.

yesterday, i purchased the first real coat i've had since middle school to the tune of only $21. it makes me look a bit like the michelin man. it fits nakedjew almost as well as the pink fake fur number he made us take into the dillard's dressing room.

i miss the jew already even though it's doubtful he'll miss me as he spends his weekend in austin ensconced in a maddening swirl of liquor and poker and strippers and prostitutes at his friend's bachelor boat party.

the five pounds that depression and unending illness assisted me in losing over the last two weeks seem to have returned by the single-handed consumption of an amy's cheeze pizza two days ago. just in time for NYC and the requirement that i squeeze into actual full-length pants. and yes... i did eat the pizza with just one hand.
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