changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

tues 2/8

after two drinks, a beer, too much crying, two likely-regrettable emails, and much inhalation of lead-based primer, i finally feel content (or numbed) enough to go to bed. it has been a long day of nothing starting with my attempt to go pick up the lumber i purchased yesterday at home depot after spending a good 30 minutes watching a friendly retiree of the City of Dallas enter the cut measurements into the system and admiring the way his orange apron was tied securely up under his breasts.

as soon as i began to pull out from the front of my building, a horrible noise emanated from my car. perfect.

i jogged about on the internet and livejournal communities looking for an affordable tow. the garage told me it would cost $75 to tow three miles. after i mildly cursed, he suggested i try ooching along back streets to try and side step a towing fee. i agreed. i brought a scarf, glove, and quarters in case i broke down and needed to walk to a pay phone... as well as a book to read during the one hour guesstimated wait time.

i called home depot to tell them to hold on to my order and i mentally canceled my plan to see the thin man at the lakewood. woohoo... a perfect excuse to spend the next couple of days confined to my bed.

i eased the car out once again and tried to relax while listening to the horrible noise. it became more and more periodic. i arrived at the belmont garage and much to my horrification learned we would be using my car to drive an elderly lady back home while she waited for her car. i was horrified because my car is generally a total mess. and wouldn't you know... by the time the owner of the garage fired her up, she had managed to "auto-correct" herself. no more noise! just like that! boy howdy i was glad they had talked me out of the tow.

so off for lumber i went. and good god damn is that shit heavy. i've primered most of the pieces and am now wondering if i've contracted a fatal disease in my throat as a result of not wearing a protective mask, goggles, and gloves as indicated on the can of primer.

ps: is it supposed to look a bit streaky?
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