changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

"Less Shedding, Fewer Hairballs, Less Vomiting"

friday afternoon, i came home with a new bag of cat food. i'd decided to give the iam's-to-nutro switch one last try. partly because it's healthier and partly because i could get two pounds more for the same price as the regular bag of iam's. and besides... the bag said it's for seniors and that it's blessed with "The Taste That Senior Cats Prefer". well! what more could i need?

the last round of nutro was not so repulsive that the cats would not eat it. just that every day when i listened to the clanging of bowls filling mixed with the delicate mewing of morning hunger, the symphony would conclude with very disappointed gazes and looks of sheer industriousness as they set about the task of consumption. no joy. bland little lives robbed of one of their few luxuries: the taste of liquefied fat sprayed on to cardboard.

as it turns out, oskar will eat just about anything. but ttyki... she's more discriminating in her Senior Years and has chosen to turn her nose up at many things she used to delight in. and "The Taste That Senior Cats Prefer" is certainly no exception.

it appears that after two days of apparent forced starvation and my fruitless attempts at enhancing the flavor with condiments like catnip, Gravy Master, and nutritional yeast, ttyki has finally become hungry enough to give it a go. of course, i did have to nudge her butt to the bowl and give her heaps of praise for eating her breakfast. but then all i had to do was sit back and watch her delicately take each piece of kibble into her dainty mouth and chew decisively on it as if it was a morsel of oven-dried poison.
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