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mon 1/17

the day was bright and slightly chilly and i had inadvertently dressed in my dr. seuss "one fish two fish" t-shirt. the tuba section of a local marching band was blasting forth with its subsonic solo from the MLK Day festival at fair park. we walked past and drank in the art deco majesty of the building housing the dallas aquarium.

we paid our $3 and stepped into the glowing dark interior of the small building. my camera was unable to capture the iridescence of the piranha, but it did barely manage to capture some of the vicious species of african head-eating fish

after visiting the window seen behind me in the above photo, i feared a waking nightmare might occur. notice that there is a cup on the ledge in front of the tank. this is because it was LEAKING. at any moment, the glass from all of the tanks could likely burst and flood the room chin-deep with hundreds of man-eating and venomous and electrified sea creatures. sweet jesus.

after barely escaping, we continued to graze on a plethora of strange-looking sea creatures and my appetite was finally whetted after all these years to go visit the much larger Dallas World Aquarium.

i do wish that i had stopped to take more photos of details of the building, but my battery was dying and NJ made me want to cry by being mad at me for inadvertently questioning his marine knowledge of eels. besides, it's not like i can't drive the one mile to the aquarium any day of the week to take photos. it's just that i likely never will.

we stopped by my place, but only for a moment to freshen up. i was terribly excited that it was tuesday night and we were finally going to make a return trip to the lakewood theater for a renewed cheap movie night (note: this used to be 15 cent classic movie night, but after the new year, it became $1 classic movie night and for the week following, they have instituted a $1 classic comedy movie night). the scheduled flick was caddyshack.

i said 'no' to the 'faraway' cosmic cafe and then proceeded to rush NJ through his dinner at cafe brazil so we could arrive early. as the theater appeared to be abandoned, i began to curse the management for apparently canceling movie night with no notification on the website. i circled the lot at least five times promising each time that i would leave if the lights hadn't come on. i finally threw in the towel and we walked up the sidewalk in the "freezing" cold to the immediately local starbucks. i shopped for a new gay daddy for darren to marry and began sipping my beverage as NJ and i reconstructed the details of the evening to understand why we'd been stood up. NJ finally got the balls to step forward and point out that it was, in fact, only monday night. goddamnit. see what being unemployed does to a girl?

so we settled on going back to my place where i forced NJ to take in a viewing of cherish... the not-so-great flick featuring robin tunney as a participant in the bracelet program of home imprisonment. however, the movie redeems itself with a great 80's soundtrack and a fantasy sequence with jason priestley. besides, robin tunney is one of the few girl's i've seen with a belly pooch that i thought was actually cute.

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