changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

fri 12/31

hot damn! the time is finally here. the pinnacle of the holiday season which marks it as really, really over: new year's eve!

at this point, i honestly don't have a clue if i participated in anything at all worthwhile during the day... which to me is an indicator it wasn't particularly memorable in the first place.

once evening time rolled around, i tried on 10 pairs of pants and shirts before throwing in the towel and wrapping a too-small, moth-eaten, stinky, vintage button-down on.

first stop: amy b's house to meet up with her and dave and E. we began the liquoring up process and played with our cameras. a break from the usual, i know.

then amy b pulled out the notepaper for us to write out a list of those bits of ourselves we are ready to say goodbye to and the gold-leafed paper from a buddhist monastery for us to write out a list of those bits we wish we had in ourselves.

due to the $25 ticket price, we scrapped plans to go bowling and caravaned on over to the meridian room instead to meet with hank and, much to my surprise, darren and amy s. we squished together at our lucky find of an empty table and played hat swap over a couple of drinks.

once midnight began to draw near, we strolled back to dave's to meet jeff and jennifer to ring in the new year atop the roof. we watched the sporadic fireworks popping up along the skyline and i swallowed my sensible fears as nakedjew partook of sake offered from a grossly over-sized bottle by a group of unknown young bucks. dude could've sucked down a mickey for all he knew. and judging by his decimated memory of the latter part of the evening, he just might have. or maybe it was just the mountains of alcohol sans mickeys.

just before the clock struck, we hauled out a tin can to burn lists numbered 1 into a pile of glowing ashes. we counted down to 2005 and mama got herself some tongue this new year's eve. i don't think that's happened since i rang in 2000. holy shit.

then it was time to burn lists numbered 2 as we tried to keep the bits from flying out and catching the building on fire.

just when we thought the night was over, we walked back down to dave's and things got fired up all over again as we drank down the end of his beer stash and then cracked open his johnny walker red. since i was a young child being given sips of my dad's scotch and coke on friday evenings, i've had a tendency to loathe most of the brown-toned liquors. much to my surprise, though, i found myself liking the red label with DP. and, of course, i had no business drinking it at that point.

i wasn't the only one liquored up beyond belief. i conversed with drunk hank for a bit and then drunk NJ, dave, and i took one of his antique bikes out into the hallway for a ride. damn that thing is hard to control. i'm still uncertain how i managed to not bust my ass. again... the pictures of that belong to another... another who is too lazy to let me get copies.

everyone ditched until it was just amy b, NJ, and i... so they raided dave's frozen vegetarian entree stash and they exposed me to dave's ali g. meh.

nakedjew took me home and gave me secret kisses before we passed hopelessly out. getting up a couple of hours later was a bit of a chore; but, as tradition dictates, i needed to hit the road post haste...

*i just used a semicolon.

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