changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

sun 12/26

i was able to wrangle barb out to the local b&n cafe for coffee with jeromy, NJ, and i. barb endured 20 questions about life in afghanistan, brian knocked over his cup, and jeromy exhibited the reflexes of a cat. then barb, brian, and i went next door to cvs so i could acquire a gift bag with zebra stripes and black fringe, a card with a "COOL KID" button, and stickers for dave's birthday and so barb could get marshmallows.

dave's actual birthday had occurred the day before, but as it states in the Bible: "no ordinary Jew shall celebrate his date of birth on the same date of birth which already belongs to Our Jew and King of Heaven."

now, i've never done fondue before and frankly... we were pretty hungry by the time things got cooking. sure, fondue is a crafty idea for a restaurant. but who wants the tedium of monitoring the various stages of your pieces of food as they are cooking or cooling or being eaten. it was too much to keep up with and i was far too hungry to let it cook fully. a good three hours and too much doughy fried food later, we made our escape and climbed in my car only to be knocked in the face by the stench that is post-fondue stinkery. i spent the next four days being haunted by this smell everytime i passed the coat hook in my hall containing my coat and purse. never again!
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