changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

"my mother will be in town soon. i must clean for her. you are not welcome to our family business."

a button slipped easily out of its buttonhole nest as he stretched and said the fit of the shirt was constrictive. he disappeared around the corner for a matter of seconds and returned without wardrobe asking "should i take off my watch?"

i shrugged and asked "did you wipe off your feet?" as he started to climb into bed. he retreated.

"good night", i whispered into the ventricle of his left ear as it hovered above my face.

"good night", he responded in kind.
"i'm glad you could stay for a nap."
"me too."
"okay. good night then."
"good night."

the people staring into my window from the street produced quizzical looks as they squinted against the reflection of the harsh morning sun. they didn't understand yet what they were looking at. they were dumb cows slow to process just how intrusive their behaviour was. it was difficult for them to realize that the glimpses of statuesque physique that they were capturing were, in fact, not lifeless works of art.

his hungry eyes revealed they had not yet received breakfast as they scanned my face. he used his fingertips to delicately touch my lips and pluck away a silky strand of cat hair. i realized he had already removed his own eye crust like so much hardened edge from a piece of toasted bread.

there was a quiver and a shake as my pussy stretched and undulated in the shimmering, scarlet folds of my post-coital robe with a yawn fierce and unyielding.

"thanks for the nap," i whispered to the top of his pate as he gingerly brushed the eyelash-like chest hairs from my thorax. he threw on his clothes as i pulled the bedsheets closer to my chin, opened my eyes wide, and furrowed my brow. i hoped he would believe the tears escaping from the corner of my left eye were a result of the dry wind pummeling down from the ceiling fan above.

"careful, Pooper," he advised as he stroked the underside of my chin. "furrowing your brow like that will only make the wrinkles deeper."
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