changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

disaster strikes - a strange new world

day 1

when it happened, the date was thursday 12/30/04.

when i came to, i had no idea how much time had passed.

my mind reels as my eye peers out over the alien landscape. is it from the past? or is it from a past which is still yet our future? i can't be certain.

structures have been abandoned by any familiar life forms only to become inhabited by dust and debris come to settle from an atmosphere heavy with a noxious, nearly unbreathable combination of gases.

my camera lens captures the visage of a mutant form scavenging about in the rubble and ruins.

dear god! does he see me?

i retreat quickly to one of the nearby buildings, but cannot decipher how to gain entrance to the strange, cubbylike passages.

instead, i turn a corner and am confronted by a cavelike construction. what is this curious "alphabet" which has been fashioned along the walls? why does the material itself seem to be oozing a brown substance? it almost seems to hum with electricity.

day 3

i've spent the last three days engaged in intense study of the "letters" from the cave wall. i seem to be making some progress in deciphering what happened to this civilization. it says here:

on a day close to that of the new year, a fury came crashing down from the heavens. rescue efforts were made to save the innocent and, at first, we thought we might have escaped destruction. and then the evidence of the mass devastation began to settle in. communications were shut off... hence, the construction of this wall to tell of our story in the year of Our Lord 2004 in unit 1##.

oh sweet jesus! 2004? unit###? i know this place. it all comes back to me. with only three days passed since i lost consciousness and now everything is different. there was a crash. followed by a splash. and then darkness...

but we will rebuild. we must rebuild.
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