changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

father-daughter road trip: destination shiner/brenham. part II.

we rose early saturday morning to make our appointment downstairs with breakfast. i asked for just a little something and was plagued with four sweet potato pancakes, applesauce, a baked pear, and a cranberry scone. just in time for my thanksgiving and post-thanksgiving weight gain.

then we were off for the painted churches around schulenburg. we made it to three of the churches (high hill, ammansville, and dubina) which were all lovely and quaint and in the middle of nowhere. fortunately, the sun had decided to shine that day and evaporate the atmospheric melancholy we had been previously operating under.

on our way back north, we stopped in at Sterling McCall's Old Car Museum which was a world-class affair truly in the middle of nowhere. there were two buildings filled with over 130 gorgeous automobiles... many of which i had never seen before. it was completely amazing.

the first building had the "everyday-nothing-special" cars while the second building contained the crowning beauties like the two deusenbergs in the front room. the farther into the tour we got, the more ornate the hood ornaments became. i was afraid my dad's new penchant for tripping on anything and everything would cause him to lose an eye on one of said pointy ornaments.

(lilbunni007: please note in the grand mass of photos that i took one in particular for you because the car was a lovely shade of green and next to one in a lovely shade of yellow. i later realized i had already taken one for myself because there was a car in a lovely shade of yellow next to one in a lovely shade of green.)

i could've spent all day there, but i had further activities on my mind...

i was more than pleased by the number of cows i'd seen by this point, but nothing could surpass the joy that is miniature horses raised by nuns.

that's right... with just 10 minutes to spare until closing time, we pulled into the Franciscan Poor Clare Nun's Monastery and were granted free admission to run and chase down as many miniature horses as possible. we only found one in the barn, along with a bow-legged orange tabby who was kind enough to give us the tour before we headed to the fence line past the portly nun driving a small utility vehicle with habit a-flying.

these little guys were adorable. they're the oompaloompas of the horse world. the equine equivalent of circus midgets. and not so unlike a pack of puppy dogs who will come over to see you when called and lean in to have their ears scratched. i was disappointed that i would not be able to pick one up and hold it like a baby.

the second night in brenham played out much like the first except that between wine and dinner, there was a xmas parade where we were lovingly pelted with candy by all the local townspeople... many of whom were either in 4-H or tae kwon do.

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