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week #1 of Layoff #4 draws to a close.

once the Layoff #4 Celebration was complete, my somewhat productive first two days of unemployment hit a brick wall. thursday before last i found myself rather attached to my couch, only coming out of a self-induced coma long enough to eat. i slept so much that day, i had difficulty sleeping that night... once i'd finally pulled myself off the couch and into bed at 1am. i even deflected dave's efforts to come over and change the battery on the ford... first with flimsy excuses and finally, in the face of his undaunted enthusiasm, the brutal and unflattering truth.

friday (before last), i was forced into a near-frenzy of activity which required me to enter the world outside at the hour of 11am. i popped into irving mall's Sears Auto Center to have them patch up the most recent mutilated tire and to also buy the battery for the ford (which was installed in the camry). after waiting probably an extra 30 minutes, i learned my car had been sitting ready. thanks Sears!

by then, it was time to meet my ex-co-worker friend mike f (now also known as redmalis) at the enchanting arlington starbuck's for a heady two hours of conversation. once i could avoid it no longer, i did some coupon-heavy grocery shopping and then popped up to bedford for what i hope is the last time to pick up my paycheck. i was delighted to learn that "since i had not called jeni yesterday", they had conveniently dropped it in the mail (even though i had specified on my last day that i would come in friday to pick it up, but whatever... what's 50 miles in gas on a shoestring budget?). so i chatted with the very few remaining employees and learned GMS had opted to not pay out our unused PTO (that would be 7 days for me). thanks GMS!

that night i allowed myself a small treat and went to the magnolia to see kinsey with darren and nakedjew. even though there were plenty of penis shots and hoochie shots and uncomfortable enactments of sex acts, i found myself growing tired at the end of this cinematic venture. so tired that i opted out of drinks afterwards and took nakedjew home with me instead. at least, i think i did. who knows at this point?

i like to think that because of the progression of time, i have simply forgotten what was accomplished that saturday (before last), when sadly, the truth is i possibly did nothing at all. when nakedjew tried to shuffle me off that saturday evening, i muscled my way over with a bag of vhs tapes and made him take me to the mexi-mart down the road to purchase 32 ounce MGD's. (i was rightly frightened of the true 40 ounce and decided it was best to work my way up to that).

edit: now i remember saturday before last...
the parents were in richardson visiting mara&don so we all departed early for the eerie task that is rummaging about estate sales. i had several moments where i wanted to cry as i slipped quietly by the tables full of knick knacks and kitchen utensils and blouses and trousers that were once treasured on some level by a person who is no more. i tried to ignore the pushy assholes trying to beat you to a good deal on an out-dated electronic device or flour canister and glance about to see if i could discern any family members left behind to deal with the aftermath of the death of a loved one.

one of the homes we visited was gorgeous and belonged to (crap. i forget his name). he played a part in the start up of dallas civic theater and helped frank lloyd wright design one of the theaters (i could be making some of this up).

i kept my expenditures to a minimum and actually only ended up paying for two bowls myself. mom picked up the cost of a playskool puzzle missing a piece and mara gave me the turn-of-the-century sheet music i was eyeing in a packet of antique piano music.

here are some of the items which were passed up:

*i'm sad that i apparently deleted the raggedy ann painting that was going for $35 before i uploaded it to my computer.

we broke for lunch at a restaurant near the inwood that served items like fried okra and tongue sandwiches. i skipped dinner so that i could hook back up with my peeps.

nakedjew: if you're reading today, please tell me what i did sunday before last. my life is a confusing repetition which i cannot keep straight on my own.
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