changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

Layoff #4 Celebration!

when the chips went down on my employment, my mind quickly turned to beer. cheap beer. but since the fine establishments prone to serving canned delicacies such as pabst were not necessarily conducive to conversation, we decided cosmo's was the location of choice. besides, for once, i could stand to have a couple of mickey's slipped into my beers and who better to do the slipping than the bartenders at cosmo's.

E was very much on board that wednesday night before last as she had taken the leap to partially quit her job... the part where the latino thugs she was attempting to teach consistently threatened her physical and mental well-being. she was already seated at the bar when i arrived and surprised to learn more would be joining us. just then, i turned to see darren unexpectedly enter the bar. i spent the next few moments wiping the tears of joy from my eyes while waiting for nakedjew and amy b.

i had already grabbed my first beer in an attempt to look like i wasn't accepting the free beers which i inevitably accepted.

once my brain and the conversation with amy were buzzing along nicely, i proceeded to the lavatory to break the seal. on my way, i thought i was already beginning to hallucinate from the mickeys as an apparition of salty_c_dog launched into a slow-motion wave which seemed aimed in my direction. jehoshaphat. someone in local lj-land picked up the Layoff #4 Celebration vibe which i cleverly left in a prior post and showed up at the appropriate location.

there was much more drinking and peeing and conversing to be had before finishing up a free beer on cosmo's (thanks to nakedjew's unstoppable inability to remain at a table when everyone else is up taking care of business) before going to my lover's home. hahaha! i'm just kidding. i went home with nakedjew, of course.

this is a photo of me trying to look like i don't know that someone is trying to take a photo of me:

this is a photo of evelyn trying to look like she doesn't know that someone is trying to take a photo of her:

here are two photos of nakedjew and darren. apparently, after giving a fistful of flip off to E, darren had begun to wildly gesticulate about something. perhaps he was trying to squish E's head or guess the size of her breasts:
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