changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

bicycle rodeo

by friday, the weather had turned chilly (by TX standards) and i became NJ's best friend as i stuck close and tried to glean body heat during our walk to double wide. we were on our way to our first bicycle rodeo. we were amazed by the contraptions the cyclecide troupe had created and set up in the parking lot. we watched from our perch inside the bar as adults sat in the chairs of the cyclofuge and were spun happily in circles by the four riders pedalling furiously and looking a wee bit like hamsters working in their wheels.

then the happy adults took to riding in tight circles around the cyclofuge on a wide variety of custom made bicycles. NJ attempted to ride the stack-framed bike, but had some technical difficulties. as we had arrived at the early hour of 8pm, we didn't stay all the way through the ensuing activities and competitions which were accompanied by some members of the troupe playing their own pulp-like saxophone-heavy music.

i do have this to say: as NJ watched one of the male members ride a bike while chugging and spewing ketchup, he quickly moved behind me while saying "i don't want to get spit on". it's true... he used me as a human shield. wait wait... before you say anything, you should also know he forced me to carry him on my back for an entire block on the way home and wouldn't jump down until i informed him my right ankle had snapped.
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