changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

day 2 and the empty nest syndrome

when nakedjew and i were moving him out of his house, the remnants of his fridge temporarily moved into mine. i had packed up two boxes to transfer the items to dallas. after emptying them into my fridge, i stacked the boxes in the corner behind my door. ttyki eventually knocked these over and began nesting in the three dimensional corrugated parallelogram which used to house a korg keyboard.

about two weeks later, i happened to notice another smaller box tucked inside and thought "hmmm... apparently NJ made some eggs while we were cohabiting and disposed of the egg carton over there."

after a few more steps, i thought "hmmm... i don't remember ever taking that egg carton out to put in the fridge."

after backtracking a few steps, i thought "ewww... that carton of eggs has been sitting at room temperature for a couple of weeks."

after looking at the egg carton for a second, i thought "awww... ttyki's been incubating these eggs and playing a modern day version of are you my mommy?."

well, as much as it broke my heart to take those little ova away, i felt it was necessary in order to promote the restaurant-kitchen-like hygiene that is prevalent throughout the rest of my home. and no amount of puppy dog eyes was going to make me change my mind.

to drive the final nail into the coffin, this morning i arose at 8am to set the trash out and decided the micro korg container had worn out its welcome.

as i turned to walk back down the hall, i heard the tiniest mew escape from ttyki's soft, pink lips. the pain of heartache is not an easy one to overcome. i think we all know that.
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