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eating out! movies! art! cohabitation!

a lot has happened in the last week. most notably... nakedjew and i are cohabiting no more. our relationship reached its peak and then came tumbling down into the valley of separate living quarters as of last thursday. he decided, since he now has a condo to live in in the mexican barrio just to the left of gaytown, he would rather not spend any more time in my apartment which has likely reached the 2 month mark since being noticeably cleaned. i came home on wednesday after a hard day at work and as a way of hello, he simply turned his nose up, coughed out a small cloud of cat hair, and strolled out the door ahead of me. he said he'd had enough. this would be his last night spent in the prequel to Spinster Ranch.

we decided to brave the somewhat chilly temperatures and overly large crowd and wait in line at the magnolia to see bridget jones II. the end of the movie was quite a let down as the ultimate modern day hollywood spinstress turned her back on her single ways and accepted a marriage proposal. the nerve! has she no sense of pride?

after the movie, NJ and i were rather brave as we made a beeline for a nearby, part-vegetarian indian buffet called Taj Express. we'd never been and though the girl working did her best to point out the vegetarian fare, her subpar english skills made me fear i was about to bite into a swedish meatball. though it was tasty, i'm rather certain i consumed enough sodium chloride to bloat a whale.

let's see. thursday. thursday thursday thursday. what the hell went down on thursday? oh yes! after transporting ozzy the cat to his new quarters, i popped NJ's kalachandji-cherry and came away with a loaf of the world's best cinnamon bread to boot. i then enjoyed a night in bed spread eagle with no one but my fat belly.

friday i went with NJ to an "art show" on swiss avenue so that we could meet up with dave and their friends from san antonio (richie budd, derrick, and stripy john). i passed up free beer (it's true!) and scavenged raspberries and one black berry off the refreshments table. in lieu of dinner, we skipped on ahead to lee harvey's where we shivered into our PBR's and the girl-dj entertained us with such notable classics as pil, the beastie boys, and ... that's right... world destruction by time zone (john lydon and afrika bambaataa). dude: i probably haven't heard that since high school and i nearly peed myself and everyone around me. since there is two months of scunge living in my apartment, i opted to stay over at NJ's new abode.

we were so damned lazy saturday morning, that we completely missed the opportunity to join others for the buchannan antique market at fair park and i basically twittered the afternoon away save for a long overdue trip to cd world and cost plus to purchase my annual advent calendars for the niece and nephew. then it was off to finally see the motorcycle diaries at the mag and have a late dinner at cosmic cafe with NJ.

sunday, i awoke early and left late to get back to my place for plans with darren. i've neglected him and the monster horribly and was aghast to learn i had apparently made plans with the monster for saturday night... but i made them when i was snockered at the election night shindig. oops. darren and i ran some errands (including a trip to cost plus) and traversed back to his house so hank could shimmy up to the roof and sweep off the debris. darren is obviously too big a titty baby to do this himself, so instead we followed hank around with a camera and tried to make it look like he was standing on my head and brushing my hair with a broom while we sang chim chim cheree. as a thank you, darren took him (along with me and E) out to gloria's for too damn much mexican food.

i just know that one of these days i'm going to actually cook my own dinner again.

ps: this might be a mistake, but i'm considering adding to my lj reading. anyone have a user they would like to recommend?
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