changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the jew leaves his synagogue to engage in inner-city conversions.

nakedjew has made it apparent that he just might be more of a champion procrastinator than i am as he began packing up his three bedroom house thursday night for movers arriving friday afternoon. dave and i showed up friday night to work into the wee hours running on beer fumes as we went. after a restful 3-4 hours nested on a heap of bedclothes on the floor (he was rolled like a tamale in a mattress pad for crissakes), NJ and i arose to finish up the task. boy howdy were we tired.

but that didn't stop us from taking a nap and then hopping over to pick up dave. outside his building, we were surprised with an impromptu fireworks display that was being held at fair park. after slobbering over dave's loft with its enviable miniature attic, we headed to lee harvey's and partied with some more PBR, our digital cameras, and rockstar karaoke sung mostly by a girl with a large dildo protruding from her fly. a random conversation friday night with NJ regarding pickles and the oh-so-innocent task of just eating them (with our mouths) was tainted when the troma porn terror firmer being projected on a screen in the yard showed an ugly skank pulling one out to masturbate with. poor pickle.

one more night of too little sleep and NJ and i were back up and on the hunt for halloween gear. i had decided the idea of dressing up as NJ circa last halloween would be too obscure for the crowd we would be encountering and while at lee harvey's, a confuddlement of ideas birthed the final (flawed) product...

how i learned dave is left handed and NJ is ambidexterous...
exhibit A:

exhibit B:

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