changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

hi ho hi ho... work sucks.

today for show-and-tell, i brought my mouth Herpe to work. i promised to kiss co-workers. i threatened to kiss their eating utensils. i met one call center co-worker in person for the first time and apologized for having to do so with a herpe on my mouth.

embracing mouth herpes is so much better than trying to hide them and, frankly, i think i'm going to miss the little fellow once he's finally packed up and moved out. i might even make myself a t-shirt to commemorate these last few happy Herpe days. i can scarcely wait to see nakedjew tonight and show off Herpe for the first time to him.

in non-herpes related news:

this morning victor came into my office and handed me what i thought was my paycheck statement. i looked at him quizzically, took it from, and said 'thank you' as i tossed it casually in my desk drawer with the stacks of other tossed-aside statements. he then told me it was actually a check. apparently we've switched payroll companies and i must admit i was a little miffed to have not received official news. if victor hadn't told me, would anyone else have as my bills started bouncing off the bottom of my checking account? it's all too reminiscent of the company news i discovered was being doled out after the "morning devotionals" i refuse to participate in.

in addition, there was a memo sitting in front of my computer informing me that our new insurance plan pulled a bait-and-switch, so we won't have insurance until it's hashed out and we should use our coverage to its fullest before it lapses on nov 1 ... that would be monday. victor is planning to make three trips to the emergency room this weekend.

later in the day, we hit political-campaign-crisis mode and when i attempted to dial the call center, i was informed we no longer have long distance and have to dial 10-10-444+1+thenumber. dude. come on now.

at least we got to eat some cake.
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