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dresden dolls

sunday was a day devoted to the completion of absolutely nothing. as a result, i ended up compulsively crocheting strings of my most recently invented stitch to my heart's content.

that evening, NJ and darren showed up at my home within minutes of each other so i put them both in NJ's break-in-mobile and directed him to a metered location outside the gypsy tearoom. we cozied up to some dark spots on the floor and darren proceeded with our plans to siphon earwax from NJ's hearing hole.

it never ceases to amaze me the grotesquely large size of darren's hand. and conversely, the impishly small size of brian's head. if you know what i mean. and no, that's not what i mean.

as you can see from the image above, when i said impish in reference to brian's head... it meant that he has the powers of the imp and can grow or shrink his head at will. you'd have to see it to believe it really.

it was also around this time that i reached the disturbing conclusion that NJ compulsively uses "finger quotes" after consuming alcohol. it's not the only thing he does compulsively.

at the gypsy tearoom, there are a series of small benches lining one wall with cocktail tables in between. darren impressed and entertained me to no end when he magically managed to steal a cigarette from inside a pack sitting on a table that belonged to the girl on the neighboring bench (who looked suspiciously like phil's sister dressed in black vinyl). i pissed all over myself and everyone within pissing range i was just so thrilled.

eventually, after count zero toyed with their instruments onstage for a bit... we all stood and formed a firm heap of human flesh. the view i had at this point was mysteriously similar to views i have at most shows:

darren, on the other hand, had a fantastic view of our little theater friend (re: past stalking victim) lonnie. obviously, i did not.

after following a girl in b&w striped hose and a hooded sweatshirt out of the bathroom, i assured my companions that the dresden dolls were soon to take the stage. and they did.

hot damn they were good. heaps of energy and sound poured out of these two individuals and literally made the hairs on my arms vibrate and the floor underneath rumble. even if you aren't thrilled with their entire cd (lilbunni007), catch the live show if you get the chance. it's well worth the affordable rate of $10.00 + shipping +handling + will call fees + handling + fees. (not to mention: someone looks good with his shirt off.)

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