changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

a new world for NJ complete with swirling 80's icons.

as friday rolled around the corner, i was forced to acknowledge the fact that i was coming down with what turned out to be a minor head cold. but i was not about to let that stop me from celebrating NJ's issuance into the glorious world of the unemployed. despite the lightening-infested thunderstorms, i managed to meet him at the magnolia for a dirty shame followed by beers at an eerily empty meridian room. i really feel like i'm forgetting something here. i know i consumed three beers, but feel like we were only there an instant. we were definitely there long enough for NJ to get wasted. as usual.

we cashed in saturday plans for a picnic at white rock lake for a quick lunch at mai's and free tickets to the 80's music event of the year thanks to dave's mother. after popping into the ghetto target for a super handy all-weather blanket, we headed over to the fairgrounds (where the starplex outdoor amphitheater is located) along with every other citizen of the dfw metroplex. it was absolutely horrid. for those of you not in the know, we are now into week number 2 of 6 of the state fair of texas. and, if the little man who changed my tire yesterday wasn't telling stories, there was also a football game going on at the cotton bowl. every single lot was closed and the spots rented out by underemployed minorities who make a living selling off their front yards were also rather packed. we spent 30 minutes driving less than a mile and watching a parade of the fashionably- and physically-fit- challenged stroll and pegleg by at a pace faster than ours when, by god of gods... the lot opened up just as we were about to pass it.

we met dave and amy and entered the rather quiet concert grounds. the knack was already playing full throttle as we chose the ideal location on the lawn to set up camp. the low turn out made my heart sad for the performers as they poured their little 80's hearts out for us.

a particularly heartrending song performed by howard jones in his all-white suit drove us insanely over the edge with emotion and before we knew it, i was sporting a ring i had ordered NJ to fashion out of grass as i started pulling the circle of red safety plastic from the neck of my bottle of ozarka and slapped it on his left hand in return. before you take news of this event too seriously, realize we have also recently taken on the pseudonyms of todd and candi. and anything todd and candi would ever do couldn't possibly be taken too seriously. they shoot alcohol drenched jell-o at keg parties for crissakes.

howard was quickly followed by berlin. NJ continually shrieked "OMG SHE'S SO HIGH!" during terri nunn's entire scantily-clad, increasingly "erotic" performance. then it was on the psychedelic furs where i wanted to continually shriek "OMG HE'S SO HIGH!" as i listened to the vocals trail just slightly behind the beat. fortunately, all the artists were kind enough to play all of the hits that we love them for.

as i was still feeling a bit stuffy-headed and had semi-early plans the following day, NJ and i passed on drinks and went for some dinner at cafe brazil instead before NJ decided his pussies at home were more important to him than his p... eh, never mind.

sunday was time to catch up with E so we coffee'd and movie'd (young, bright, things) at the angelika and then didn't even bother to fight the draw to cosmic cafe.

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