changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

drinking and driving: is it really worth the cost?

the heavy hand of Fate has dealt yet another blow by aligning the points of billions of incidences over the course of all time to culminate in the simple act of tire crunching beer bottle as i parked my car last night.

as the rain poured down this morning and my "fixed" window began to profusely ooze in it's usual motherload of wetness from its perpetually loosened crotch, i decided to "work from home" until the weather abated enough to keep half of my belongings from floating away and check for any signs of damage to my vehicle.

once the time came, i darted into the madness and gazed upon the right front tire. to me (and at least one air gauge), it has constantly looked low; but, the reports of two different mechanics tried to convince me i was just being paranoid. the beer bottle finally put it and me out of our conjoined misery once and for all.

since i had some more time on my hands, i finally decided to prime my new stovetop bialetti coffee maker and create a discourse on its products and benefits. isn't she pretty?:

after disposing of the first batch and then consuming the second, a magical thing has begun to happen.

as i began to progress through my "adult" years, long since replaced were the coffee-invoked memories of church socials and grand parental breakfasts with enchanting international remembrances such as airplane flights, continental breakfasts at the foothill of the austrian alps, and late afternoon dessert on the koenigsee. these are the pictures that populate my mind's eye when i smell and sip black coffee these days. and this morning, the bialetti poured forth more of the same as the liquid joy urgently percolated its way into the metallic upper chamber.

now i can only hope that this new trend doesn't replace those wistful days with a mundane aroma of mornings rushing to work or lounging in a cat-hair-infested clutter trap.

either way, let this serve as notice to the over-priced aspartame-tinted horror of overly sweetened pre-prepared coffee mixes. may my neurons begin to reform and only be killed off by alcohol in the future. amen.
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