changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the truly unbearable pangs of boredom set in AND a farewell to a friend.

oh my god i'm bored! so bored i'm willing to make a post that truly contains nothing.

my boss quit and will only be here a month more. we might be shutting down a call center. we might not. if we do, some QA people will be gone and since IT is bored, we will get to shoulder some of that for awhile. I HATE QA!!! I CAN'T BEAR LISTENING TO TELEMARKETERS! unless they're truly and intentionally horrid and then you get to nail them to the wall and it's big dirty fun! like the one guy who said (among other things):

"no.. maybe you need to watch your tone of voice lady!", and
"this is al. i'm calling from home."

NJ's last day of employment was yesterday. from what i could tell during my 8:30pm phone call to him, he was getting solidly wasted on the alcoholic good tidings of his former co-workers. he sounded so happily drunk. i feel kind of bad that i'm going to have to have THE TALK with him tonight. i simply can't be attached to someone who is not gainfully employed. i'm an aspiring lady of leisure and all i am interested in are cash levels. if you can't "keep" me in the manner to which i've determined i should become accustomed, then i really have no use for you. oh well. at least we'll always have goats and bulls.
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