changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the cramps. and then i got cramps.

after sending NJ on his way saturday evening, i set out for the cramps concert at the gypsy ballroom. i've purchased so many tickets there lately, i'm starting to feel like i'm actually just paying rent.

i managed to arrive late enough to miss lonestar trio, but not too late for the chesterfield kings. i had personally never heard of this band, but apparently they have been around since the late 70's. the singer came out smelling of a lux interior object of foreshadowing in his tight black pants, teal ladies' blouse (with one sleeve cut off), and eyeliner. he had hair akin to a black bouffant granny 'do, but with a long layer of fringe around the bottom edge. i was excited as he started playing not one, but TWO sets of maracas! that's FOUR individual maracai for those of you who are counting. and at one point, he was shaking all FOUR with just ONE hand!

then he began to meander his way through a set of instruments reminiscent of elementary school music classes: hand cymbals, harmonica, tambourine. glorious. he stepped out on to the crowded floor twice and both times wound up next to me... the second time to take a break for some high kicks. as i gazed upon his wedding band, i pondered what kind of special lady crawls into bed at night with this stellar performer.

i was pleased with the way the hair of the members of this band seemed unchanged by time. particularly one band member sporting a prince valiant and playing a 007 white tear drop guitar:

i awaited the arrival of the cramps while enjoying the twinkling disco ball and party-like atmosphere pervading the entire club. i was pleased to see the same roadie still works for the band as last time. then... finally finally finally, they took the stage. little did i know, they had put out a new album last week. when i went to the last album-supporting tour a year and a half ago, i enjoyed the show, but was disappointed that they had played so many songs from more recent albums and bypassed the heaps of standard favorites that i love them for. this show knocked my socks off and should've been touted as a "best of" tour. it was fucking off the hook and i don't even completely know what that means, but it was. included were performances of these favorite hits: lonesome town, tv set, mad daddy, the way i walk, tear it up, it thing hard on, caveman, let's get fucked up, primitive, rock on the moon.

i sidestepped my fear of having lux's sweat-drenched sock wrung out on me and managed to keep within 5-10 feet of the stage. fortunately, he kept his antics to a minimum and only put things down the front of his tight pants twice (a large bottle of wine and the traditional bent-in-half mic stand). one member of security seemed pleased that the speakers were not quite tall enough or sturdy enough for lux to crawl on top of.

word of advice: beware the lumbering individuals wearing overalls and/or a rather downs-syndrome-like expression on their face as they will inevitably be the ones going into a purposeful trance with hands in pockets while they forcibly trot their mass into you. two or three of these formed a core group of rowdy assholes about five feet to my right. one of them decided crowd surfing would be a good idea. after he managed to float over to the wrong group of people, he came down to a downpour of everyone's drinks. i did my best to pick one chick up off the floor as her husband started popping the crowd-surfer on the head and started a bit of a brawl. other obnoxious surfers: stupid chick wearing hot pink heels and a male who the concert-go'ers in front of me allowed to plummet straight to the floor. hahahaha. i also did my best to save the guy in front of me from a kelly osbourne look-a-like with too much to drink and a lit cigarette. we were all this close to mass carnage.

the crowd was unwilling to disperse after the first encore. we just knew there would be more. even as we stood for minutes on end watching the roadies dismantling the equipment.
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