changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the temple is for sale

i received a reprieve from the smoke detector wednesday night by fighting traffic with a frightening number of people apparently headed for carrollton. i had yet to see nakedjew's house since he sold 58% of his belongings and spent 102.8 hours painting and cleaning it. i think it's gotten even bigger in the meantime... impressive considering it was such a sprawling mansion to begin with. my favorite improvement is the addition of family photos taken before he had invested in transfiguring plastic surgeries. these gems hover over the toilet and provided me with hours of entertainment while i peed the night away.

he (finally) decided we should dine at mango where he claims we were waited on by the infamous hairy-moled waiter. i did not notice. perhaps i was too occupied with my beer and my attempts at fashioning a rather life-like rendition of a face out of my left over vegetables, pasta, and peanut sauce. where is a camera when you need one?

i returned home thursday evening and all was quiet.

friday morning, at the time of 12:49am, my smoke detector began to beep periodically. i managed to dig up one half of a set of foam earplugs which was engorged with whatever sludge it is that the bottom of my purse always manages to produce and thusly shoved it into my right ear just before wrapping my head in pillows. by the time i had risen for the day, i had decided i could fight the batteries no longer. my bed now resides halfway in my "kitchen" and i have sent the email summoning certain destruction from one or more maintenance men.

by the way, i am hopelessly, painfully, sleep-inducingly bored yet again today. please please please find it in your hearts to entertain me with stories, interesting facts, surprising links, your own photos from when you used to look like elvis costello, questions, requests for advice, etc. feel free to be creative. PLEASE!

ps: omg. did livejournal just change formats?
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