changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

word of advice: don't wear layers and/or dark colors in the blazing sun. don't be fashion foolish.

sunday. glorious sunday. it signaled my survival of the weekend.

i had, by this point, weighed my pro's and con's of attending Day Three of the festival. avoiding the heat and hassle and very late return home barely won out against elvis costello and cake and the pride of knowing i hadn't flaked out.

the five of us hit einstein's for some breakfast. since amy and darren were likewise skipping Tag Drei in order to catch the sting/lennox concert back in dallas, the three of us ran up a tab at cheapo (a tributary ECostello cd purchase was in order) and bookpeople before they hit the road. i had attempted to get in touch with the monster (who was also in town for the weekend), but continued to go straight to voicemail. so then there was one...

i tried to make the most of my found time by visiting an iced soy latte at flipnotics and a late lunch of PROTEIN 2000 at veggie heaven, all in the generously patient company of douglas coupland. i fancied that perhaps the entree would be better named SODIUM 2000.

today, as i sit here reflecting on the experience, it is with the forgetful perspective akin to that of an electro-shock therapy patient that i toy with the idea of attending the brutal chaos again next year. however, i'm nearly certain i will regain my senses in the intervening days and bear forth with my offer to act as shuttle service to those masochistic or forgetful enough to try it again.

ps: hot damn. ttyki's back on the employment wagon. this was obviously taken before her lamb-like layered haircut became a glistening reality:
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