changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

word of advice: don't subject small children to all day festivals in the sun.

saturday morning rolled around and brought with it a slight increase in my willingness to return to the festival. fortunately, it would prove to be only a three hour day unlike friday's marathon of ten hours. we enjoyed a leisurely brunch at kerbey lane while we witnessed darren consume his weight in gingerbread pancakes.

we thought we might die as we stood in the long line at the entrance. the sun continue to beat down on us as we listened to the old 97's. darren and i sought a reprieve by visiting the soco vendors where i purchased a gift of sunglasses for darren who had managed to leave his prized sun goggles back in the metroplex. here are the sunglasses he was forbidden to select:

upon our return, we were blessed with extended cloud cover which saw us through modest mouse's performance. we then made a bee line for chuy's and our long-awaited frozen margaritas. this was where i learned that drinking while dehydrated maximizes the effects of alcohol. as the night was still young and we were well-coated in yet another layer of sticky, smelly, sweaty, salty grit, we decided the only thing to do was return to erin's for further beverage-consumption and a girls-against-boys game of trivial pursuit. i don't think i have to say that the girls won. because we did.

ps: darren matches erin's brilliantly jewel-toned bathroom:

pps: darren sometimes enjoys donning ladies' hats. he says they make him "feel fancy".
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