changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i had so much fun in mexico, i accidentally went back in time just a little bit... what i was about to resort to telling co-workers after i arrived on the scene yesterday morning and ended up recounting my mis-adventures a good five times.

i'm a little disappointed in myself for not continuing the mock celebratory trend and getting at least a little liquored up last night. i was feeling too stuffed from the mock celebratory dinner of 'mexican' coconut curry tofu from the vietnamese restaurant. so it was okay. (we won't discuss the free movie with maggie gyllenhall that i skipped for the 'mexican' coconut curry tofu.)

i've been receiving regular emails from Karen The Travel Agent who is attempting to battle the monsters at Continental for my reimbursement. i feel lousy she has been caught in the middle of this (she did everything correctly on her end) and i have decided i'm going to be a dear and send her a thank you gift when all is said in done. i fear i might be left sending a cookie bouquet or something equally mainstream trendy (though those cookies are somewhat tasty). perhaps i should lush her, but i hate to go too far. creative suggestions are welcome.

okay. you might be able to sense from that last paragraph that i'm panicking a little here because i began a post and realized, after the first paragraph, i really don't have anything to say. i'm just feeling the pangs of boredom once again and wanted to reach my arms out across the tingling electro-static waves of cyberspace.

jesus! what am i saying? i have a backlog of posts begging to wiggle their way out of my head and down my fingertips. but i'm pretty sure i need to pee right now and that's no condition under which to fashion a post.
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